Tropical paradise awaits you at Iriomote Island,
the Galapagos of the East,
where primeval rainforests cover 90% of the land, offering rare opportunities for jungle cruises and encounters with endangered wild cats.

Hoshino Resorts RISONARE Iriomotejima will reopen as
Hotel Nirakanai Iriomotejima
in April 2016.

reopens in days

Paradise in the jungleIriomote Island attractions

  • Urauchi River

    Urauchi River

    Navigate Okinawa Prefecture's longest river upstream through Japan's largest primeval forest by tour boat. Then hike through the forest to marvel at the mysterious waterfalls.

  • Maryudo Waterfall

    Maryudo Waterfall

    One of Japan's renowned waterfalls, with a fantastic view from the Urauchi River trail observation deck.

  • Barringtonia

    Barringtonia flowers

    Blooming at night and closing in the morning, these delicate flowers blanket the rivers in astonishing numbers from late June to the end of July.

  • Nahra Waterfall

    Nahra Waterfall

    Hidden away in the forest surrounded by mangroves is this beautiful waterfall at the upper reaches of the Nakara River.

  • Oku-iriomote
    coral reef

    Oku-iriomote coral reef

    This vast coral reef teeming with brightly colored sea creatures is accessible for diving off the western coast of the island.

  • Tsukigahama
    (Todomari) Beach

    Tsukigahama (Todomari) Beach

    Fine powdery sand squeaks beneath your feet as you stroll hand in hand along this curving beach that dazzles in the evening.

  • Ida Beach

    Ida Beach

    Transparent emerald waters and pure white sand cover this pristine sanctuary known to few and accessible only by boat.

  • Yaeyama fireflies

    Yaeyama fireflies

    Experience exhilaration as fireflies by the tens of thousands illuminate the lush greenery all around you from the end of February to late April.

  • Looking-glass

    Looking-glass mangroves

    Flat fairy-tale roots buttress large, mysterious mangroves – up to 400 years old and among the largest in Japan – along parts of the Nakama River.

  • Mangrove forests

    Mangrove forests

    All seven types of mangroves found in Japan thrive on Iriomote Island, where they provide shelter for various rare species of flora and fauna.

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Explore and experience natureOutdoor activities and tours

Take the plunge!

Take the plunge!

Dive deep into the natural pool at Nahra Waterfall and fully experience nature at dynamic Iriomote Island.

Dazzle your senses!

Dazzle your senses!

Tour the jungle with millions of Yaeyama fireflies illuminating your way from late February through April – before the rest of Japan.

Cruise the jungle!

Cruise the jungle!

Take a leisurely jungle cruise with an entertaining tour guide through the mystical interior of Iriomote Island. Kids are welcome.

Enjoy boat rides and snorkeling!

Enjoy boat rides and snorkeling!

Snorkel among colorful yellowtail clownfish in Oku-iriomote.

Discover pristine coral reef beaches

Discover pristine coral reef beaches

Relax in the pure white sand and emerald waters at Ida Beach.

Explore mangrove forests by kayak!

Explore mangrove forests by kayak!

Get close to nature by Kayaking through the mangroves at Iriomote Island!

First-class hospitalityGeneral information

Experience Iriomote Island, the only pristine wilderness of its kind in the world, with rivers meandering through ancient mangrove forests, virgin ecosystems rich in biodiversity, mysterious waterfalls favored by "the gods", and stunningly beautiful emerald seas where every view is heavenly.

Indulge in luxurious resort comfort and warm hospitality in a relaxing room (for groups or individuals) overlooking our lavish pool, satisfying spa, blooming greenery, convenient shops and surrounding nature where adventure calls.

Relax among colorful flowers and savor delectable local fare available only on Iriomote Island at our popular restaurant. Breathe in wonderfully fresh morning air and admire gorgeous sunsets at Tsukigahama Beach.

General information

Building4 floors, 8,882m2
Guest rooms140 rooms (42m2 with 8m2 terrace or 54m2 with 15m2 terrace)
Hotel facilitiesFront desk, lounge, restaurant, shops, swimming pool, spa, tour desk
Room facilitiesAir conditioner, refrigerator, dryer, dehumidifier, safety deposit box, hot pot, telephone, TV
Room serviceNA
Parking20 cars (free of charge)
Wheelchair rentalAvailable by reservation
Mobile networkFor Docomo and au mobile phones (Softbank network not available)
InternetWireless LAN in 1st floor lobby
Credit cardsVISA, MasterCard, JCB, AMEX, Diners Club
Shuttle serviceFree shuttle bus between hotel and Iriomotejima Uehara Port.
Schedule complements express ferry schedule. Reservations not required.
SpaIriomote Spa Menu/Health Considerations

after April 2016

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