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A paradise of unexplored wilderness ― Iriomote Island. Explore subtropical jungles covering 90% of Iriomote Island. It's a natural paradise very different from Okinawa Island. We'll introduce you to relaxed family tours and nature courses unique to Iriomote Island. Experience something incredible on a special occasion or with a group by taking a private tour guided by experts intimately familiar with the island. Exciting adventures and beautiful scenery will move you deep inside. The island is full of surprises, including rare wild cats and other unique fauna and flora. Deep in the southern corner of the Japanese archipelago, an unforgettable experience awaits.

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Hotel Nirakanai Iriomotejima offers various guest-only tours. To avoid missing out because a tour is fully booked, we recommend reserving in advance. It will bring you peace of mind.
We take reservations over the phone.
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Credit cards
As part of your travel preparations, we recommend bringing a credit card. It will come in handy in the event of an emergency since there are no banks or convenience stores on the island. Our hotel accepts Visa, Mastercard, JCB, American Express and Diners Club cards.
Packing and checking
your luggage
Iriomote Island requires different luggage than Okinawa Island. But don't worry. Our hotel offers all the amenities you need, and you can purchase daily necessities at our shop as well. We make packing luggage easy by providing all necessary equipment, such as backpacks and diving shoes, for diverse activities. When deciding what clothes to bring, check the style guide on our activity page.

Course 01

Family relaxation coursePlay in the sea and enjoy lunch on the beach while mom relaxes at the spa

Morning mangrove stretch
Depart the hotel for Ida no Hama Beach.
Snorkeling and SUP at Ida no Hama Beach.
For lunch, enjoy hamburgers the kids will love.
Dad and the kids can have fun in the pool
while mom spends special moments at Iriomote Spa.
Watch the setting sun, enraptured,
at beautiful white Todomari Beach.
Wild cat school
Dinner Buffet
On the first day, enjoy whatever you like
at the dinner buffet.

Course 02

Special private tour courseA private luxury tour planned by an expert when you request it in advance.

Depart the hotel
The expert guides you after taking the day's ocean and tide conditions into account.
Explore the mangroves via SUP or kayak.
Jungle trekking
Trek to unexplored areas and nameless waterfalls.
Enjoy a special lunch on an uninhabited beach.
Relax while contemplating the Oku-Iriomote sea.
The uncharted waters are among the world's clearest, providing a gorgeous view of the vibrant coral beneath!
Relax at Jungle Book Café.
Starry night
Relax on a quiet beach where all you can hear is the soothing sound of waves.

Course 03

Unique Iriomote Island nature courseEmbrace your first jungle journey!

Iriomote Island leisure cruise
Lunch at the hotel
First-time play in the jungle (children aged 3 to 5)
Kayaking, trekking and playing in the falls
Deepen your bond with your children experiencing their first trip in the jungle.
Back to the hotel
Search for sand stars on the sandy beach.
About 20 minutes by bicycle from the hotel
Dinner at the hotel
Yaeyama firefly watching tour (Feb to April)

Course 04

Iriomote Island flower sightseeing courseWe recommend a visit to Yubu Island on the last day.

Barringtonia viewing cruise (June to July)
Enjoy the fleeting beauty of phantom flowers that only last a single night.
Back to the hotel
Shopping in our hotel shop
Take a bus to the water buffalo cart area,
enjoying the local color along the way.
Experience a water buffalo cart at Yubu Island.
You can leave large luggage at the information desk.
Ride around Yubu Island, the Flower Paradise.
Return to Iriomote Island and take a bus to Ohara Port.
Travel from Iriomote Island Ohara Port to Ishigaki Port.

Tour times are approximate. Photos are provided for illustration purposes only.

arious activities let you enjoy nature on Iriomote Island
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