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Explore the pristine wildernessFeel Iriomote Island

Outdoor activities will be the highlights of your stay at Iriomote Island. About 40 rivers flow from the mountains, which range from 300 to 400 meters in height, to estuaries where large mangrove forests grow. The rivers carry nutrients from the forests to the sea, nurturing a rich coral reef paradise teeming with tropical fish. Mother Nature's best! Discover the charms of a mysterious island where exotic plants and rare creatures like endangered Iriomote wild cats dwell. In the farthest western reaches of the Japanese archipelago are subtropical jungles and spectacular Oku-Iriomote sea coral reefs. How does it feel to be embraced by Mother Nature?

Jungles The jungles entice your adventurous spirit

Let’s enter the jungle

We recommend first trekking the Urauchi River promenade. The Urauchi is Okinawa Prefecture's largest and longest river. It is also renowned for hosting an incredible diversity of wildlife. Ascend the Urauchi River by boat, disembark far upstream, then enter the deep forest by foot. The aim is to reach the Mariyudu and Kampire Falls by walking through the largest subtropical forest in Japan! After marveling at the magnificent mangrove forest on the cruise, you trek through the jungle to delight in two amazing waterfalls. We recommend this tour to children and first-timers since the mountain trail is relatively well maintained.

Kuura Falls feels deep in the midst of nature, yet it's not that far from the roadway. Many of its surrounding high points aren't even listed in guidebooks.

Enjoy the Oku-Iriomote jungle

The unique flora and fauna of the Yaeyama Islands are what make this jungle stand out. Having come this far, why not choose a guided tour with fascinating explanations provided as you walk. Our expert guides with exhaustive knowledge of the local environment will put your mind at ease by telling you where to watch your step and which plants not to touch.

Even within moments of entering the forest, you can meet uncommon creatures like Okinawa tree lizards. The forests grow thick with flying spider-monkey tree ferns, Japan's largest variety that hail back 360 million years. They exotically complement the echoes of wild birds and fluorescent streaks of sprinting blue-tailed Ishigaki lizards. The deep green of mossy rocks and trees contrasts vividly with wild blooming orchids. You feel purified just by breathing in the oxygen-rich air.

Try our activities

  • Recommended for families

    Meander the jungle to Mariyudu and Kampire Falls

    The guide entertains with fascinating stories as you cruise and trek through the jungle at a relaxed pace.

  • Most popular

    Morning jungle inspiration

    Enjoy the refreshing sound of jungle birds singing early in the morning. It's a trek of 90 minutes or so that begins at 7am.

Mangroves Experience the mysteries of life among the mangroves.

Let's see the mangrove forests

Make your kayak debut in the magnificent mangrove forests of Iriomote Island! Explore small creeks that branch off from the Urauchi River and cannot be entered by boat. Soak up spectacular scenery the evening sun paints red. We also recommend the Experience Course.

This course takes you up the Nakara River through beautiful mangrove forests to Nara Falls, known as the island's phantom waterfall. Experience kayaking, trekking and cruising along the way. First kayak for about 8 km to the entrance of the jungle. Then trek up a somewhat steep mountain path that takes you over rocks and across rivers. Your excitement reaches fever pitch when you arrive at Nara Falls.

Enjoy Iriomote Island’s mangrove forests.

The best way to enjoy mangroves is from a kayak. This way, you can even reach narrow streams where the water is shallow. From up close, you can admire flat roots raised high in search of oxygen and a dizzying array of fascinating creatures. Since there are no engine sounds, you can clearly hear singing birds, chirping insects and blowing wind while savoring the scents of flowers and signs of animal life. New sensations awaken deep inside.

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  • Recommended for families

    Your first kayak trip

    Take the kayak experience course. Spend priceless moments with your children.

  • Most popular

    Mangrove kayaking at dusk

    Witness magnificent mangroves stained red by the setting sun with your significant other ― an unforgettable sight unique to Iriomote Island.

The sea Unleash your imagination

Let's go to the sea

Oku-Iriomote on the west side of Iriomote Island in the Shirahama area marks the beginning of uncharted wilderness. Here, you'll visit a beach called "Ida no Hama" that’s only accessible by boat from Shirahama Port. On your way there, the sea is so crystal clear that you can marvel at tropical fish dodging between corals and the boat. Those in the know consider the seascape the most gorgeous in Japan. Waves gently swell in shallow water ideal for playing with your children, and snorkeling spots near the shore provide a spectacular view of coral reefs teeming with tropical fish.

Todomari Beach presents sunsets unrivaled in beauty. Its fine-grain sands stretch stunningly before the hotel. We recommend strolling along the beach in the morning while relishing the sound of the waves.

Enjoy Iriomote Island beaches

Frolicking in the crystal clear Oku-Iriomote Sea is one of the many joys of staying at Iriomote Island. Don’t miss the opportunity! The sun is so strong that we recommend renting the shade tent and other goods in our marine rental set. Floating on the water, you’ll observe innumerable tropical fish swimming around the coral reefs below. Many of the tropical fish are uniquely shaped. They have brilliant colors and vivid patterns masterfully designed by nature to pique your wonder.

Be sure to check the day's low and high tides before going to the beach. With the ebb and flow of the tides before and after the new and full moons, the sea presents a very different face. The high tide draws innumerable fish to the coast and the low tide lets you walk along the shallow water and observe creatures of all kinds scuttling in the sand.

Try our activities

  • For first-timers

    Have fun at Ida no Hama!

    We rent out all sorts of marine goods and provide access to toilets and showers. Many popular outings start and end at our hotel!

  • Recommended for families

    Meet 5 types of clownfish while snorkeling

    We take you to some of the very best spots for boat snorkeling. It's a half-day tour that even elementary school students can enjoy.

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