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Have fun at Ida no Hama Beach!

A road surrounds most of Iriomote Island, but comes to an end in the Shirahama area on the west side. This marks the beginning of the Oku-Iriomote area, which you can only reach by boat. Here, you can find Ida no Hama Beach, considered by many to be the most beautiful beach in Japan. Not only is the beach covered with pristine white sand, but there are spectacular coral reefs teeming with tropical fish near the shore ― a rare and beautiful sight.

Be sure to take the “Let’s have fun in Ida no Hama!” tour, which starts and ends in front of the hotel. It includes all necessary rental goods and the use of toilets and showers ― a golden opportunity to experience the ocean and marine life around Iriomote Island and explore its secluded areas that customers in the know consider star attractions. Ida no Hama is definitely a place worth visiting.

Mangrove kayaking at dusk

The Urauchi River in the west of Iriomote Island is the longest river in Okinawa Prefecture. It meets the ocean near the hotel in a majestic estuary where you can enjoy mangrove kayaking in the romantic twilight. The golden sun reflects spectacularly as the sky and sea gradually change color and dye the mangroves red. Relish the reflections of gorgeous evening scenery that can only be experienced at Iriomote Island.

Iriomote Island guided tours

Guides intimately familiar with the jungle and sea take you wherever you like. You can search for rare flora and fauna or enjoy a special meal along a beautiful beach. Your wish is our command. Celebrate a special occasion as a group on a cruise. We can arrange meals and more at your request. In the jungle, on the river or in the sea, we will show you the depths of Iriomote Island’s charms.

Sample adventures
· Lunch, snorkeling and a cruise · A special lunch on an uninhabited island · Mangrove canoeing to fascinating falls · A sunset cruise with a panoramic view · Sky observation on a private beach· A jungle camp in search of Iriomote wild cats (and more)

Boat snorkeling in uncharted Oku-Iriomote

Nutrient-rich water flows from the wilderness of Iriomote Island by river into the sea where it nurtures coral reefs. These coral reefs, among the world's largest and most famous, are a virtual paradise for marine life. At a select spot near the hotel, you can meet sea anemones, sea turtles and familiar "Nemo” clownfish. The boat also takes you snorkeling to remote Panari Island. Experienced instructors provide full support, so even first-timers can snorkle with peace of mind.

Dynamic Nara Falls adventure

Discover Nakara River, which begins above Nara Falls and passes through the jungle to beautiful mangrove forests in Iriomote Ishigaki National Park. These areas provide first-class experiences in unspoiled nature. Jungle cruises, kayaking, trekking, waterfall play and observation of subtropical plants and creatures in the mangrove forests provide an enriching tour packed with the charms of Iriomote Island. You can enjoy dynamic nature and feel Iriomote Island to its core.

Explore the jungle at night

Enjoy an Iriomote Island night tour unlike any you can experience elsewhere. Iriomote Island is extremely dark at night, so we walk into the jungle, relying only on our flashlights. At night, various creatures are active and the jungle becomes a place of adventure more mysterious than in the daytime. It's a tour that even families can enjoy.

An awesome stretch of mangroves

Mangroves are said to release 5 times more oxygen than ordinary plants. Walk barefoot in the shallow river and inhale the fresh air. Breath deeply in the dawn and watch the mangroves awaken. A wonderful morning arrives. *The landscape may vary with the tides and time of day.

Yaeyama firefly tour (Feb. 20 to Apr. 26)

You can see Yaeyama fireflies from the end of February, making this Japan’s earliest firefly watching tour. Anywhere from thousands to tens of thousands of fireflies glow for about an hour after sunset, virtually illuminating the forest. It's an enchanting experience that fascinates visitors every year. Yaeyama fireflies are about 5mm long. They're the smallest fireflies in Japan and live in mountainous and lowland forest areas. To protect the fireflies, no light-emitting devices like cameras and smartphones are allowed on the tour. Excite your senses with this amazing spectacle!

Mangrove kayaking

Nearly 70% of Japan's mangrove forests are on Iriomote Island. You can explore them by kayak on Urauchi River, the longest river in Okinawa Prefecture. Only kayaks can enter the narrow side streams that take you even deeper into Iriomote's natural habitats. Our activity guides kindly provide helpful introductions so even beginners can join activities with confidence. Relax and enjoy!

Your first time on a kayak

You can confidently join this kayaking tour even if you're a beginner. Although it's an easy course, you'll enjoy magnificent mangrove scenery and encounter tideleand creatures at low tide. Unlike boats with an engine, kayaks glide silently over the water's surface, providing even more enchantment in the midst of nature. You may find rare varieties of crab or cute fish along the way.

Iriomote Island's secret slow cruise

Nakara River in Iriomote-Ishigaki National Park is extremely wide and its route sometimes changes at high tide. The scenery varies greatly from magnificent mangrove forests downstream to narrower waters midstream and semitropical jungles upstream. The Oku-Iriomote reef blooms with coral at low tide. This world famous coral reef, teeming with tropical fish and other surprises, is an exciting place to visit. Leisurely sightsee while a guide provides engaging commentary. *The boat features a sun shade and simple flush toilet.

Cross Iriomote Island through the jungle

From fall to winter, when the weather is cool, this long distance adventure becomes available to advanced hikers. Iriomote Island only has peripheral roads, so we take a path that crosses the center of the island. The 19km journey includes crossing a river, passing through bush country and climbing a cliff. We go deep through the rugged mountains and jungle, where you can feel the overwhelming power of life and seemingly merge with nature. After 9 hours of challenging yourself in nature's jungles, you feel the call of the wild from within. The journey begins with a charter boat up the Urauchi River. After landing, we walk 19 kilometers through the island to the Nakama River on the far side.

Rental cars

Iriomote Island and nearby attractions

Barringtonia viewing cruise (June 21 to July 23, 2017)

This popular tour takes place in early summer when the flowers bloom. Barringtonia is a phantom flower that blooms in the evening and scatters its pedals by the following morning. On the west side of the island, we take a cruise boat up Nakara River to where the flowers bloom. Sweetly fragrant pedals flutter onto the river and float downstream. Don't miss this special scenery that only comes in early summer. The tour may close when the tide rises too high. Please confirm the tour event calender.

We can support your sightseeing in Iriomote Island and surrounding areas with rental bicycles and other useful items.

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