Hotel Nirakanai


To visit Hotel Nirakanai, fly to Ishigaki Island and take a ferry to Iriomote Island.


1. Going to Ishigaki Island by plane

Take a direct flight to Ishigaki Island from your airport or change at Naha.

Access to Ishigaki Island by plane

Airline timetables

2. Take a ferry from Ishigaki Island to Iriomote Island.

To visit Hotel Nirakanai, take the Yaeyama Kanko or Anei Kanko ferry from Ishigaki Island Terminal to Uehara Port on Iriomote Island.

Take a ferry from Ishigaki Island to Iriomote Island

The same ticket can be used for different ferries

Regardless of whether you buy your ticket at the Yaeyama Kanko Ferry counter or Aei Kanko counter, you can board either company's ferry.

Please go to Ohara Port if transport to Uehara Port is canceled due to unseasonable weather or other reasons.

When the ferries to Uehara Port are canceled, our hotel shuttle bus or the Aei Kanko ferry shuttle bus operates from Ohara Port.

3. Shuttle bus from Uehara Port to our hotel

Our staff will meet you at Uehara Port with the shuttle bus. You'll reach the hotel in approximately 10 minutes.
Our shuttle bus between the hotel and Uehara Port departs each destination on schedule unless large numbers of customers require more frequent trips outside the scheduled time.

If Uehara Port ferry service
is suspended

If you arrive at Ohara Port because Uehara Port is temporarily closed, our shuttle bus or the Aei Kanko ferry shuttle bus will pick you up at Ohara Port.

Shuttle bus from Uehara Port to our hotel

Transportation access information (hotel front desk)

Multilingual Translation Service Tel: +8192-687-6692

Regarding transportation on Iriomote Island

Besides taxis and buses, you can also use rental cars and bicycles on Iriomote Island. But very few taxis and rental cars are available, so please contact us in advance.

Iriomote Island transportation
There are no taxi stands on Iriomote Island. You must call and arrange for a pickup. Sightseeing taxis can be reserved in advance.
Yamaneko Taxi (Iriomote transportation)
Iriomote Taxi (Iriomote sightseeing)
Rental car
You can make the reservation from our hotel.
We recommend reserving in advance.
Rental bicycle
Some bicycles are available at the hotel.
Ask the activity desk on that day. (Reservations are not possible)

Multilingual Translation Service Tel: +8192-687-6692

Various activities let you enjoy nature on Iriomote Island