Exotic paradiseIriomote Island

Discover subtropical jungles said to be
Japan’s last uncharted wilderness
and a magnificent coral reef in Oku-Iriomote.
Learn all about the attractions of Iriomote Island.

Basic information about Iriomote Island

Every minute is an adventure

Whether taking a jungle cruise or
spending a leisurely day at the beach,
the experience is unforgettable.

  • Dynamic Nara Falls adventure

    Discover Nakara River by traveling through beautiful mangrove forests in Iriomote Ishigaki National Park and continuing upstream through the jungle to Nara Falls. These areas provide first-class experiences in unspoiled nature. Jungle cruises, kayaking, trekking, waterfall play and observation of subtropical plants and creatures in the mangrove forests provide an enriching tour packed with the charms of Iriomote Island. You can enjoy dynamic nature and feel Iriomote Island to its core.

  • First-time play in the jungle

    Short field trips are available for kayaking, trekking and waterfall exploration. We energetically support your children's first jungle trip!

  • Unwind at Ida no Hama Beach!

    Relax or kick up your heels on one of Okinawa Prefecture's most gorgeous, pristine beaches. Ida no Hama Beach is a rare attraction that can only be enjoyed on Iriomote Island. Its beautiful white sand and vibrant coral reef are only accessible by boat. Yet convenient toilets and shower facilities are provided and snorkeling gear, etc. can be rented from our hotel to make your day at the beach pure pleasure.

  • Powder-puff tree cruise

    Cruise to the powder-puff trees and admire their ephemeral phantom flowers that bloom in the evening and scatter in the morning. A sweet aroma fills the air as countless petals blanket the river. It's a moving experience that fills your senses and is only available on Iriomote Island! Anyone can join because the viewing takes place from the comfort of a boat deck. The powder-puff tree cruise only runs for one month from the end of June.